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McKean County Assessment Office 500 W. Main Street Smethport, PA 16749



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Angelia Tennies
Chief Assessor
Phone: 814.887.3215 ext 4233 


McKean County Assessment Office

Employees: 6 total full-time, 3-bargaining, non-civil Service (Chief Assessor, Sr. Field Assessor, Assessor, Field Lister, Real Estate Technician/GIS Mapper, Systems Analyst, Secretary)

Duties & Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the preparation of the real estate, per capita, occupational, and/or personal property assessments. This work is performed under the general board of The Board of Assessments and Revision of Taxes. The Chief Assessor supervises the work of the staff members, local elected assessors, and local elected tax collectors.

2. Coordinates work of computer service for the services provided.

3. Conducts field trips to inspect residential, commercial, and industrial real estate properrty, gathers pertinent data regarding size, type of constructor, use, location, and condition and other data necessary for the computation of the assessed value of real property.

4. Computes the amount of tax to be levied, using applicable tax tables, computes indicated values for new assessments based on various approaches to value, and writes reports of determinations for public record.

5. Prepares and maintains all GIS (Geographic Information System) maps used as a basis for assessment determinations; maintains locator files and progeny records.

6. Interviews tax payers and explains basis and factors involved in making specific assessments.

7. Prepares appeal hearings for Board of Assessments and Revenue of Taxes; representing the county at hearings.

8. Assists bankers, brokers, attorneys, surveyors, and landowners to locate properties and maps and to verify ownership and assessed values and computes indicated values for new assessments based on various approaches to value.

9. Processes property transfers from deed transcripts.

10. Maintains record of property transfers for the Tax Equalization Board.

11. Updates tax maps as properties are subdivided and surveyed.

12. Handles complaints on individual assessments and explains assessment procedures in response to inquiries.

13. Maintains property record cards regarding land transfers and property ownership.

14. Updates and maintains the tax maps as land ownership changes, including revision of base maps, linens and molars; prints working maps used in land appraisals.

15. Maintains reports, transactions, transmittals, documents, and correspondence generated by the department and communication with the public.

Mission Statement:
The Assessment Office works to provide public information associated with the assessment, real estate, and per capita tax rolls to the citizens, educates the public in the understanding of the assessment law, and provides the service of abatement programs for property owners. This office provides an efficient, accurate service to the citizens.

Internal Departments:
1. County Commissioners Office
2. County Planning Office
3. Recorder of Deeds
4. County Treasurer's Office
5. McKean County 911
6. McKean County Emergency Management Agency
7. County Controller's Office
8. County Tax Claim Bureau
9. McKean County Housing Authority
10. Any county office associated with the Infocon computer system; as needed.

External Agencies/Organizations:
1. All municipalities within McKean County (cities, townships, boroughs)
2. Public school districts (6)
3. Office of Economic and Community Development
4. Real estate agents, appraisers, brokers
5. Surveyors
6. Attorneys
7. General public
8. Pennsylvania Department of Revenue (less frequently)
9. Pennsylvania Public Utilities (less frequently)
10. Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (less frequently)
11. Pennsylvania State Tax Equalization Board (less frequently)