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McKean County Children and Youth Services Agency
17155 Rte. 6 
Smethport PA 16749



Daniel Wertz
CYS Director

Lee Sizemore
DHS Director 

Linda Gault
Director of Mental Health/Mental Retardation 


McKean County Children and Youth Services Agency

Duties and Responsibilities:  (see Agency Purpose & Philosophy)
1. Investigating reports of child abuse and neglect and providing services to these identified youth; these youth are residing both in and out of McKean County (in-home, foster homes, resident treatment facilities) and all remain under CYS custody.

2. Investigating reports of children who are incorrigible, truant, or beyond the control of their parents. 

3. Oversight of on-going cases, including home visits, court hearings, contact with service providers, licensing foster care homes, and providing independent living services

Mission Statement:  (see Agency Purpose & Philosophy)
It is the mission and responsibility of the McKean County Children and Youth Services Agency to provide a program of social services that includes services designed to keep children safely in their own homes, whenever possible; to prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation of children and to overcome problems that result in dependency and delinquency.

It is the mission and responsibility of the Agency to provide services designed to arrange temporary, substitute placement in the home of a relative, other individual who has a significant relationship with the child, a foster family home or residential child care facility for children in need of this care and to provide services designed to reunite children safely with their families, whenever possible, when children are in temporary, substitute placement.

It is the mission and responsibility of the Agency to provide services designed to assure a permanent, legally assured family for children in temporary, substitute care who cannot be returned to their own home.

It is the mission and responsibility of the Agency to provide service and care ordered by the court for children who have been adjudicated dependent or delinquent.  

County Departments that CYS Frequently Communicates with:
1. Domestic Relations Office - support claims, information sharing
2. Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts Office - petition filing, court records
3. Clerk of Orphans' Court Office - parental rights terminations, adoption finalizations
4. Juvenile Court - case review, petition filing
5. Juvenile Probation - shared case management, budget preparation
6. County 911 - receives after-hours calls for on-call workers, background checks
7. Sheriff's Office - transportation for clients and children
8. Controller's Office - payroll purposes, account disbursements
9. Purchasing Agent - office supplies
10. Chief Clerk - handling of county-owned vehicles; registrations, lease contracts, purchases, bid notices
11. Commissioners Office - intervention programs, personnel issues, fiscal matters
12. Adult Probation Office - information sharing
13. District Attorney's Office - report referral and testifying (if needed)

External Agencies/Organizations:
1. The Guidance Center - mental health and parenting services
2. Oversees the Children and Adolescent Social Service Program - placement recommendations, mental health services; PATH program - assists young adults (over 18 years of age) with housing issues-locating suitable housing and associated needs and services
3. Beacon Light Behavioral HeaIth Systems - residential treatment, shelter care, mental health services
4. Various placement agencies - residential treatment and care (out of area)
5. Port Psychological Services - mental health services
6. Bradford Regional Medical Center - examination and treatment of victims of child abuse and neglect
7. Kane Community Hospital - examination and treatment of victims of child abuse and neglect
8. YWCA Victims' Resource Center/Homeless Shelter - provide services for abuse victims
9. Area law enforcement agencies - case investigation
10. Pennsylvania State Police - case investigation
11. Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (in county) - appropriate rehabilitation services (Bradford, Kane, Pod Allegany offices)
12. Attorneys - local and out of area
13. Department of Public Welfare - Office of Children, Youth and Families Pennsylvania Western Region (Pittsburgh) - annual licensing, needs-based budget (annual); Harrisburg Office - regulations (legislation) and bulletins
14. McKean County Board of Public Assistance - claim filing for medical assistance
15. Social Security Administration - children's Social Security benefits (for care)
16. Maximus program - fiscal review of claims (Pennsylvania contracted)
17. Federal Bureau of Children, Youth and Families - funding sources
18. U.S. Department of Human Services - funding sources
19. Local and out of area psychological and psychiatric evaluators (private practices) - provides evaluations throughout care of clients

Agency Purpose & Philosophy:
The purpose of the McKean County Children and Youth Services is to protect children and preserve families, assuring their safety and a permanent placement.

The philosophy of the McKean County Children and Youth Services is to accept all clients as they are and treat all people with mutual respect.

McKean County shall provide services to empower all families to provide love, shelter and protection for their children outside of any public agency. This agency is committed to maintaining families at all costs, if possible. If it is not possible, then the philosophy is to provide permanency for those children, that permanency occurring in the home of a relative, friend or adoptive family.

The agency acts as a catalyst for positive change to assist the family in providing a safe environment for the children.

In all cases, the agency will provide services in the least restrictive setting, preferably the child's home or in the home of a relative or someone the child is familiar and comfortable with.

If placement is necessary, the agency will explore placement, based on the premise that each placement is in the least restrictive setting suitable to meet the child's needs.

Every effort will be exercised to return the child to his parent in the most expeditious manner, contingent on the continued safety of the child.