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McKean County Courthouse

McKean County District Attorney
500 W. Main Street
Smethport, PA 16749



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Shaffer, Stephanie
McKean County District Attorney (elected)
Phone: 814.887.3312

Victim Witness
Lori Masters


McKean County District Attorney



Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses:
2. Jury trials
3. Plea negotiations
4. Criminal hearings
5. Appeals
6. Summary appeal cases
7. Legal assistance and guidance to law enforcement agencies 
8. Provide information to the community regarding the criminal justice system - chools, press, general public (presentations, printed materials)
9. Assisting victims through the criminal justice process in attempting to obtain restitution for the victims
10. Pursue the imposition of court costs and fines (disbursed to county and state)
11. Handling of all juvenile delinquency petitions
12. Address probation and parole violations

Mission Statement:
To serve the citizens of McKean County by effectively and productively prosecuting criminal offenders, assisting victims through the criminal justice system and providing the public with information regarding the criminal justice system. 

Internal Departments:
1. Judicial Office and Staff - present position of Commonwealth regarding all criminal matters, court schedule and resources
2. Public Defender's Office - resolve criminal matters when possible and present opposing views regarding prosecution 
3. Adult Probation Department - information shared regarding supervision of defendants and ARD programs, provide information to department and work with collection of fines, court costs, restitution
4. Juvenile Probation Department - work closely with department to address crimes committed by minors and further on-going supervision
5. Controller's Office - disburse funds for office management, manage funds under the supervision of the District Attorney's office, payroll purposes
6. Treasurer's Office - payroll purposes, disbursement of operating funds
7. Commissioners Office - budget matters, office space, supplies, county management issues
8. Clerk of Courts - docket and filing information regarding criminal matters, record-keeping for court costs, fines, restitution
9. Children and Youth Services Agency - work closely regarding prosecution of crimes against minors, further the protection of minor victims
10. County 911 - provide information from law enforcement agencies to appropriate office personnel
11. Sheriffs Office and County Jail - availability and incarceration of defendants, transportation, provide security for criminal case proceedings, prosecution of certain criminal offenses
12. Coroner's Office - provide and obtain information regarding unattended and suspicious deaths within McKean County

External Agencies/Organizations:
1. Local law enforcement agencies
2. Pennsylvania State Police - provide information and guidance regarding criminal investigations, assist and coordinate with the release of information (criminal matters)
3. Pennsylvania Game Commission
4. Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
5. Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office - assist with state-wide criminal investigations and coordination of law enforcement activities
6. YWCA Victims' Resource Center - assist with the protection of abuse victims
7. Local hospitals - Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) testing and results, community-based programs (SART-Sexual Abuse Response Team)
8. U.S. Department of Justice/Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms - in regard to investigations of firearms and other illegal activities (illegal sales, use)
9. Federal Bureau of Investigation - coordination of law enforcement efforts
10. Federal Court System - defend against petitions filed by defendants in federal coed
11. Pennsylvania District Attorney Association - provide and receive information regarding effective criminal justice prosecution
12. U.S. Attorney General - coordination of law enforcement efforts