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McKean County Courthouse 

Department of Human Resources 
500 W. Main Street  Smethport, PA 16749

Kathy Roche
Phone: 814.887.3235  
E-mail: click here
Fax: 814.887.3100


McKean County

Department of Human
Duties and Responsibilities:
McKean County Courthouse
The function of human resources involves the management
decisions and practices that directly affect or influence the
people who work for an organization.
Department of Human
The success of an organization depends on the employees
working together to achieve its goals and is accomplished, in 500 W. Main Street Smethport,
part, through the use of established human resource
PA 16749
guidelines and practices. These guidelines and practices
enable employees to perform their work productively and
Kathy Roche
safely. The successful working relationship of employees and Phone: 814.887.3235
the sharing of goals, objectives values and philosophy of the E-mail: click here
organization result in achievement and satisfaction by
Fax: 814.887.3100
providing effective and efficient services.
Areas included
in human resources are as follows: 1. Employee recruitment
and administration 2. Professional development 3. Staff
relations 4. Employee classification
5. Administration and payroll
6. Compliance with federal and state laws relative to personnel administration
7. Conditions of employment
8. Hiring and termination policies
9. Performance evaluation
10. Employee assistance programs
11. Safety and training
12. Employee benefits
Mission Statement:
It is our mission to manage all aspects of human resources including insuring that McKean
County Government continues to be a good and responsible employer.