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McKean County Planning Commission
17137 Route 6
Smethport, PA  16749

Jeremy Morey
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Laura Lord
Assistant Planner
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McKean County Planning Commission

The function of the Planning Commission is to develop and carry out a planning program within the policies determined by the County Commissioners.  The members serve to contribute their knowledge of the issues and needs of their area of the county, as well as of the county as a whole.

The County Planning Commission, with the assistance of two full-time staff persons (the Director and Assistant Director), carries out a program of activities in many major categories which include:

  • Administration of the McKean County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance
  • Distribution of information and data coordination
  • Map collection, maintenance and distribution, including keeping in stock a wide range of maps of the county and surrounding areas
  • Floodplain and Zoning Determinations 
  • Special programs (active participation in the Lumber Heritage Region of PA and the PA Wilds Planning Team projects)
  • Preparing and publishing a County Profile containing spatial, demographic, land use, and transportation data
  • Preparing a prioritized list of highway/bridge projects for the PennDOT 12-Year Program and for other special transportation programs
  • Providing professional planning assistance to local planning commissions, local governments and citizens
  • Preparing county-wide planning studies including the comprehensive, land use, housing, economic, sewer and water, solid waste, storm water, and other plans
  • Coordinating with other county and regional agencies

A vast array of information is available in the County Planning Commission Office.  This information is all available for inspection.  Many reports and publications are free of charge, while others are available for purchase.

The Commission is charged with promoting sound land use practices and viable economic development.  It reviews, proposes, and analyzes courses of action needed to maintain a healthy and safe, yet vibrant county.

County Planning Commission meetings are held in the Conference Room at the E 9-11 Center located on Route 6.  Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 PM.  Meetings are advertised and are open to the public.  Copies of Agendas for meetings may be obtained by contacting the Planning Office @ 887-2348.  Should you need time to make a presentation at a meeting, please contact the Commission staff at least 10 business days prior to a meeting date so that you may be placed on the agenda.