Voter Registration & Elections

Voter Registration & Elections
 Lisa Pratt
Director of
Allison Coast
Director of 
Voter Registration
Phone: 814-887-3203
Fax: 814-887-2242
E-mail: Click Here 

*Unofficial Election results are here.*

Mission Statement:

The Department of Voter Registration and Elections strives to provide every citizen of McKean County with an atmosphere of efficiency, security and confidentiality.  Our goal is to provide each citizen with a positive experience when participating in the voter registration and election process.

Voter Registration:

  1. Maintain file of registered voters:  initial applications and all applicable and desired changes
  2. Confirm accuracy of Information
  3. Process various application forms:  on-line voter registration, applying in person, mail-in applications, public service state agencies and PennDOT Licensing Centers
  4. Issue Voter Registration ID Cards
  5. Assist with preparation of elections and organizing all components and participants
  6. Compile reports mandated by the Department of State

  1. Responsible for complete election process and ballot preparation
  2. Provide Notary service for candidates
  3. Preparation of Petition packets
  4. Compile street lists of county registered voters
  5. Process Absentee Balloting         
  6. Secure election poll workers and voting machine custodians 
  7. Facilitate training of poll workers prior to each election
  8. Compile reports mandated by the Department of State