Voter Registration & Changes

Voter Registration & Changes
Where Do I Apply to Register to Vote, Change my Name, Address or Party?
-Party Selection to Participate in Primary Elections in PA
-10 Day Applicant Status
-30 day cut-off date for registration and/or changes to voter record prior to scheduled elections

Acceptable Forms of ID at the Polls (Photo ID MUST be current and valid)
  • PA Driver’s License issued by PennDOT 
  • ID Issued by any other Government Agency 
  • United States Passport 
  • US Armed Forces ID 
  • Student ID Card 
  • Employee ID 
Non-Photo ID MUST be current and show name and address of the elector
  • Voter Registration ID Card issued by McKean County Voter Registration Office 
  • ID issued by any Government Agency 
  • Firearm Permit 
  • Current utility bill 
  • Current bank statement 
  • Paycheck Government check 

Dianne Gallegos, Director
McKean County Elections
(814) 887-3236

Lisa M Pratt, Director
McKean County Voter Registration
(814) 887-3203